(Interscholastic Equestrian Association)



Formally established in 2002,  the IEA pursues a mission to introduce students in both private and public middle and secondary schools to equestrian sports, and improve the quality of equestrian athletics, competition and excellence.

While IEA participation provides the opportunity for competition, the core of the program promotes excellence in instruction, the expectation of dedicated effort, and a willing team spirit by all members.

IEA participation does not require ownership of a horse.  IEA competitors ride different,  randomly assigned, appropriate level school horses supplied by the hosting team.

Greystone Stables is proudly partnered with Upper Creek Equestrian, uniting their riders to form a united team in competitions.



Greystone Stables offers showing opportunities for those who would like to highlight their skills in the show ring.  Whether it be on our mount or yours, our show team can assist each rider to achieve their personal goals and milestones!


April 24th- Central Mass Horse Show, Camp Marshall, Spencer, Mass.


May 6th-8th- NHHJA Spring Show, Three County Fairgrounds


May 18th- 22nd- Springfest, Fieldstone, Halifax, Mass. 


May 22nd- CMHSS, Camp Marshall, Spencer, Mass (if we are not at Fieldstone)


June 11th- NHHJA Show Series I, Tack Shack


June 19th- CMHSS, Camp Marshall, Spencer, Mass.


June 25th- NHHJA Show Series II, Tack Shack


June 29th- July 3rd- Plymouth Rock H/J Classic II, Fieldstone, Halifax, Mass. 


July 5th- 10th- Summer Festival, Fieldstone Show Park, Halifax, Mass.


August 6th- NHHJA Show Series IV, Tack Shack


August 20th- NHHJA Show Series V, Tack Shack


August 23rd- 27th- Summer Showcase II, Fieldstone Show Park, Halifax, Mass. 


September 25th- CMHSS, Camp Marshall, Spencer, Mass.

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We strive for our riders to continually learn and grow knowledge, both in the saddle and on the ground. We offer clinics throughout the year, including Lainey Johnson, who continually works with Greystone to refine rider's skills.  


Clark University Team

Greystone is proud to welcome Clark University Equestrian Team!  This is Greystone's first year coaching Clark University and was a successful season with riders qualifying to Regional Finals. We are excited to welcome new team members and continue for another great year!